Ahtopol Beach

Main point of Ahtopol beach is quite large and is located 200 meters from Hotel Valdi.


Silistar Beach

Located on the border with Turkey. Declared a protected area in 1992 by the Ministry of Environment of Bulgaria. Falls within the natural park "Strandja", as well as in the corresponding protected areas "Strandja" about the conservation of wild birds and natural habitats.


Veleka Beach

Here the nature has preserved its beauty and unique landscape. The river gives fairy kind of the area, and amateur fishermen here can find peace and tranquility. Green forests reaching the coast, dark rocks with bizarre shapes created by nature and golden sand ...


Butamyata Beach

One of the most popular beaches just a 5 km far away from the hotel.


Lipite Beach

The beach stretches in a quiet and sheltered bay and surrounded by dense forest, which adds to the charm and feeling of ferocity in this place.


Listi Beach

One of the wildest and most desolate places on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.


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